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About Us

About Worldwide Promotional Services, LLC

A bit of information about us…

Worldwide Promotional Services LLC is an Tampa-based Travel Agency that specializes in offering affordable tour packages and low price accommodations. Established in 2019, Worldwide Promotional Services LLC has helped local and foreign travelers with their travel-planning needs; making sure that they provide superior value for money and effective guidance for every trip.

We always worked with our customers needs, offering remarkable perks:

Best Price Guarantee

We set our fares as low as possible together with our partnered Hoteliers.

Secured Payments

We ensure your transactions are safe.

Fast Booking

Book your first flight Fast and Hassle Free.

Reliable Accommodations

Satisfy your comfort with our Reliable Hotelier partners.

Reviewed by Satisfied Travelers

We ensure that our customers get satisfied with our services.

Excellent Customer Support

Need assistance with your booking? You can contact us anytime.

Our Mission

To offer astounding hotel and tour services focusing primarily on United States and residing countries. We curate tours and secure unparalleled hotels and tour holiday deals.

Our Vision

To offer multiple selection of accommodation and tour packages for domestic and international destinations which suit every traveler’s preference. Worldwide Promotional Services LLC travel packages include most of the famous tourist destinations but we also offer exotic ones for thrill seeker travelers.

Our Duty

To ensure fast and reliable bookings done with quality. Our team can provide you expert assistance and support for your dream vacation. We guarantee that you will get your money’s worth with any of our travel packages.

Our Top Priority

Always offer the finest guaranteed Prices and excellent Customer Service. We also pride ourselves on our highly competitive pricing scheme, and outstanding customer service. We manage to offer the best value in the travel market through the company’s longstanding preferential relationships with outstanding hoteliers and industry partners.